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SSL 2502-2 - SSL 3302-4

Winter road clearance in towns is characterised by the fact that different types of snow are frequently encountered: slush, loose snow covering, hardened snow or even a frozen covering of ice. In order to ensure safe and optimal clearance work under these changing conditions, the designers from Springer Kommunaltechnik have developed the municipal snowplough based on the experiences of its customers. The plough consists of blade segments with multiple parts.

Perfect and easy guidance of the snow plough is facilitated by a slide shoe placed close to the scrape strip. This is crucial for gentle but effective clearance. The blade is also prevented from jumping in uneven conditions. Moreover, the municipal snowploughs have the tried and tested automatic collision protection system. The folding mechanism allows the plough segments to fold back when an obstacle is encountered. The blade segments then return to their clearing position. This is typical Springer quality, which is also distinguished by low wear and high reliability.

Standard features:

  • Hydraulic lifting and pressure device with adjustable lowering throttle
  • Hydraulic swivel device
  • Snow dust protector for cylindrical plough design


Clearing width at 30

Plough width

Plough height Centre / outside*

Scrape rail segments

Weight approx.

SSL 2502-2

2165 mm

2500 mm

910 mm


700 kg

SSL 2602-3

2250 mm

2600 mm

910 mm


720 kg

SSL 2902-3

2510 mm

2900 mm

910 mm


870 kg

SSL 3002-3

2590 mm

3000 mm

910 mm


880 kg

SSL 3302-4

2860 mm

3300 mm

910 mm


900 kg

Additional information

*with additional height extension plate 910 /1160

Other options:

  • Wheels with spindle adjustment
  • Plough fixing screws
  • Scrape rail segments protected with release mechanism
  • Mechanical levelling