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V 130 - V170

Both practise and sharing experiences with customers have informed the development of the Vario snowploughs. The Vario 130 - 170 model was designed by our engineers to fit narrow track vehicles, which are often used in municipal and inner city areas. This range is suitable for universal snow clearance, particularly on footpaths, in inner city areas with little space or car parks. Of course, these models have been made to the same high standard as all winter equipment from Springer Kommunaltechnik: high-quality materials, precision machining, low wear and maximum reliability.

The Vario plough can be used as a pointed, laterally aligned or front V-shape clearing blade. The individual plough blades can be swivelled continuously. These options provide a multitude of possible applications - as the situation requires. All of the models in this range have the reliable Springer collision protection system including levelling mechanism. The robust finishing and high-quality materials make it possible to pass over obstacles such as manhole covers and kerb stones even at acute angles. The Vario plough is an all-rounder with outstanding durability.

Standard features:

  • Variable adjustment of the plough blades
  • Pos. A side snowplough
  • Pos. B pointed plough
  • Pos. C V-shaped plough
  • Automatic scrape bar deflection mechanism when encountering an obstacle
  • Damping elements between scrape bar and body of the plough, making it particularly quiet


Clearing width V /A / Diagonal

Total plough width with / without wear block

Plough height Centre / outside

Scrape bar segments

Plough weight approx.


1160 mm

1295 / 1435 mm

720 / 850 mm


250 kg


1358 mm

1560 / 1700 mm

720 / 850 mm


280 kg


1488 mm

1710 / 1850 mm

720 / 850 mm


290 kg

Other options:

  • Variable adjustment by means of powerful HD cylinder
  • Bolt-on scrape bar made of Hardox 400
  • Mechanical level adjustment
  • Edge flags
  • Plough side lighting with LED lamps
  • Wheels with spindle adjustment