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The big challenges of winter road clearance work make heavy machinery essential. The spreading machines of the AS 400 series are made for this kind of work. These spreaders, which are made to Springer’s high quality standards, have a tank for liquid salt as an option. In the chambers, there are two robust screw conveyors by means of which the gritting and thawing materials are moved back to the disperser evenly and without forming clumps. This is where the brine is mixed in for impressive clearing results.

As with the other models of spreading machines, the screws and disperser are driven hydraulically. At a speed between 3 and 50 km/h, the quantity of gritting material, the output of which is set on a spreading cassette, is distributed evenly over the road by a disperser. The speed signal can be transferred in analogue form by a tacho generator fitted to the vehicle gearbox, by a digital pulse generator or by a tachograph. The control and monitoring functions are carried out electronically by means of an ergonomic control panel fitted in the driver’s cab. A perfect spreading pattern and impressive cost-effectiveness are therefore guaranteed. Springer Kommunaltechnik sets standards - worldwide.

Standard features:

  • Compact design
  • Double screw conveyor system
  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Travel-controlled spreading
  • Speed feedback for the most precise metering
  • Folding spreading device
  • Gritting material chute and disperser made of stainless steel


AS 400

Hopper volume

4,0 / 5,0 / 5,5 / 6,0 / 7,0 m3

Spreader width

ca. 2-8 m

Quantity of salt dispensed

5-40 g/m2

Quantity of grit dispensed

30-200 g/m2

Wet salt possible


Double chamber available


Weight approx.

1800-2400 kg

Other options:

  • Mechanical spreading pattern adjustment (electrical as an option)
  • Manual emergency operation
  • Folding roof for complete opening
  • Watertight hydraulic units
  • Parking supports with spindle adjustment
  • Double chamber model as an option
  • With wet salt as an option
  • Stainless steel design as an option